Louis James Detolla


1970 A.B. Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1974 M.S. Rutgers University - Microbiology
New Brunswick, New Jersey
1978 Ph.D. Rutgers University – Pathology, Immunology, “Cardiac allograft survival across non-H-2 histocompatibility barriers in normal and immunosuppressed mice”
New Brunswick, New Jersey
1982 V.M.D University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Post Graduate Education

1972-1974 Teaching Assistant in Physiology and Genetics, Rutgers University
1973-1974 General Biology Laboratory Instructor, Rutgers University
1975 Teaching Assistant in Endocrinology, Rutgers University
1975-1978 Teaching Assistant in Immunology, Rutgers University
1978-1979 Postdoctoral Research in Genetics, Rutgers University
1979-1981 National Science Foundation, National Needs Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine

Louis James DeTolla, PhD, VMD

Professor of Pathology


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  • DEPARTMENTUniversity of Maryland