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Selected Conference Abstracts

  1. National Lipid Association, Annual Scientific Meeting 2013; Las Vegas, USA (May 31 to June 2, 2013)
  2. Poster Presentation: Novel Revelations in Familial Hypercholesterolemia
    Banerjee, Y; Al-­‐Rasadi, K; WAM Al-­‐Zidi; Al-­‐Waili, K and Al-­‐Qafrai M.
  3. International Cardiology Symposium and Diabetes forum: Global Agenda; Dubai (May 16 to May 18, 2103)
  4. Oral Presentation (Invited): New Revelations in Familial Hypercholesterolemia Banerjee, Y
  5. Ninth Gulf Heart Association Conference; Muscat, Oman (January 18 to January 21, 2012)
  6. Oral Presentation: Physiological Anticoagulant lipids
    Banerjee, Y;  Al-­‐Riyami; M and Al-­‐Rasadi, K
  7. 52nd American Society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis 2009; Orlando, USA (4th  Dec to 7th  Dec, 2010) Poster Presentation: Lyso-­‐Sulfatide Binds  Factor  Xa  and  Potently  Inhibits  Thrombin Generation
  8. Yegneswaran, S; Banerjee, Y;  Fernandez, JA; Deguchi, H and Griffin, JH
  9. 51st  American Society for Thrombosis and Hemostasis 2009; New Orleans, USA (5th  Dec to 8th  Dec, 2009)
  10. Oral Presentation: Activated protein C ligation of ApoER2 (LRP8) causes Dab1-­‐dependent signaling in U937 cells Xia, Y., Banerjee, Y and Griffin, JH
  11. 23rd  Annual Research Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences; Bangkok, Thailand (14th  Dec to 15th Dec, 2006)
  12. Oral   Presentation:        Hemextin    AB    Complex    -­‐     a    Unique    Anticoagulant    Protein    Complex Inhibiting  Clot  Initiation  from  Snake  Venom. Awards:   (A)   Japanese   Society   for   the   Promotion   of   Science   Travel   Award;   (B)   Best   Oral Presentation  Award
    Banerjee,Y.,  Lakshminarayanan,R.,  Mizuguchi,J.,  Vivekanandan,S.,  Iwanaga,S.,  Valiyaveettil,S.  and Kini R.M.
  13. Asia  Pacific  Society  for  Thrombosis  and  Haemostasis  (APSTH)-­‐Japanese  Society  of  Thrombosis and Haemostasis (JSTH) joint symposium; Utsunomiya, Japan (April 21st  to April 23rd, 2006)       Oral Presentation:  Hemextin AB Complex -­‐  a Unique Venom Protein Complex Inhibiting Clot Initiation from Snake Venom.
  14. Awards: (A) JSTH Young Investigator Award; (B) Best Oral Presentation Award
    Banerjee,Y.,  Lakshminarayanan,R.,  Mizuguchi,J.,  Vivekanandan,S.,  Iwanaga,S.,  Valiyaveettil,S.  and Kini R.M.
  15. The National University of Singapore (NUS)-­‐University of California San Diego (UCSD) Bilateral Meeting (Organized jointly by A* Singapore and UCSD), San Diego, USA (14th February to 17th February, 2006)
  16. Oral Presentation: Hemextin AB Complex from  Hemachatus haemachatus Venom: Molecular Interactions in the Formation of the Anticoagulant
    Banerjee,Y., Lakshminarayanan,R., Vivekanandan,S., Valiyaveettil,S. and Kini R.M.
  17. 10th  Biological Science Congress, Singapore (24th  November to 25th  November, 2005)
  18. Poster Presentation: Hemextin AB complex as a FVIIa inhibitor.
    Awards: Best poster award
    Banerjee,Y., Mizuguchi,J., Iwanaga,S. and Kini,R.M.
  19. 14th  Annual Science Congress, Singapore (21st  September, 2005)    Poster Presentation: Hemextin AB complex – A unique anticoagulant Awards: Best poster award
  20. Banerjee,Y., Mizuguchi,J., Iwanaga,S. and Kini,R.M.
  21. XXth   International  Society  for  Thrombosis  and  Hemostasis  (ISTH)  Congress,  Sydney,  Australia (August 6th  to August 12th  2005)
  22. Poster Presentation: Proteins affecting clot initiation. Banerjee,Y., Mizuguchi,J., Iwanaga,S. and Kini,R.M.
  23. XXth   International  Society  for  Thrombosis  and  Hemostasis:  Satellite  Symposium  on  Exogenous factors affecting thrombosis and hemostasis, Sydney, Australia (August 10th  to August 11th  2005) Poster  Presentation: Hemextin  AB  complex  –  a  Snake  Venom  Protein  Complex  that  inhibits the Tissue Factor-­‐Factor VIIa Activity.
  24. Banerjee,Y., Mizuguchi,J., Iwanaga,S. and Kini,R.M. (24th  November to 25th  November, 2005)
  25. 8TH  Biological Science Congress, Singapore (26th  November to 27th  November, 2003)
  26. Poster  Presentation:  Purification  and  amino  acid  sequence  determination  of  anticoagulant proteins. Banerjee, Y. and Kini, R.M.
  27. International   Conference   on   Plant,   Animal   and   Microbial   Toxins,   Adelaide,   Australia   (16th September to 18th  September, 2003)
  28. Poster  Presentation:Isolation and  characterization of anticoagulant proteins from the venom of Hemachatus  haemachatus
    Banerjee, Y., and Kini, R.M.
  29. 4th Sino-­‐Singapore Symposium, Singapore (5th August to 9th August, 2003)
  30. Poster Presentation: Isolation and Purification of pro-­‐coagulant protein form the venom of African Night Adder. Vijeydasa,L.; Banerjee, Y. and Kini RM


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