I was born in China and grown up during the culture revolution. I am fortunately in a family that my father was a professor of surgeon, and my mother was a Cardiologist doctor, and they told us do not give up study during the culture revolution.
After culture revolution I went Jianghan University Medical School, to study medicine and after graduated I stayed in the school to become a Lecturer, to tearch medical student and a doctor see patient in the clinical as well. I went to study Acupuncture as well, become a certificated Acupuncturer.

I also participated in the research for infection diseases, focus on T cells and antibody response to diseases. 1993 I went New Zealand to study at Auckland medical school for MolecularImmunology; I graduated from master degree of Healthy Science, and published a paper about super antigen in JEM.

1997 I went UCSD joint professor David Looney to study HIV related malignancyKaposi's sarcoma (KS). 1999 I went Harvard medical school to joint professor Ruth Ruprecht to study HIV vaccine, I have discovered “Phosphorylation of HIV Nef by cAMP-dependent protein kinase”, which is important understand Nef involvement in HIV infection.

From 2005, I joint Professor Joseph Wong at UCSF in San Francisco, to study HIV latency, and curing HIV.  I have generated a now LAN real-time PCR system, which can detect multiple  HIV clades “Novel application of Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) chemistry for a TaqMan assay to measure diverse HIV-1 subtypes”.  Recently I have discovered that “Exogenous and endogenous hyaluronic acid reduces HIV infection of CD4+ T cells”, and hyaluronic acid is not only reduce cell free HIV infection, but also reduce cell-cell HIV transmission, may help to further understand HIV interaction with host factors in the mucosal tissue, to design potential novel approaches to prevent HIV infection through mucosal transmission.

I also involved in curing HIV study, and recent focus on acitretin, which can enhance innate immunity to fight latent HIV.


Peilin Li

Assistant Adjunct Professor


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  • DEPARTMENTSchool of Medicine, UCSF
    University of California, San Francisco