Professional Acitivities


1974-1976 Research Associate, Rockefeller University
1976-1979 Assistant Professor, Rockefeller University
1979-1983 Associate Professor, Rockefeller University
1983-present Professor of Microbiology/Immunology, Chicago Medical School/RFUMS

Teaching/Research Position:

Postdoctoral Fellow Oct. 1972 - Aug. 1974, Rockefeller University
Research Associate Sept. 1974 - Feb. 1976, Rockefeller University
Assistant Professor Mar. 1976 - Aug. 1979, Rockefeller University
Associate Professor Sept. 1979 - Mar. 1983, Rockefeller University
Professor (Tenured since 1984) April 1983 - Present, Chicago Medical School/UHS, FUHS, RFUMS

Teaching Experience:

University of Guelph (1967-1971) INSTRUCTOR (Biology/Entomology/Zoology)
Rockefeller University (1972-1982) LECTURER (shared responsibilities: Parasitology/Seminar)
Chicago Medical School/UHS (1983-2007) LECTURER (shared responsibilities: Medical Microbiology (Helminths, Protozoa, Entomology, Host-parasite Interactions); Molecular Biology (Molecular & Cell Biology Techniques); Molecular/Experimental Parasitology
Chicago Medical School/RFUMS (2007-Present) LECTURER (shared responsibilities): Medical Microbiology (Ditto); Integrated Grad Program: (Molecular Techniques; 2007-present Molecular Cellular Biology II - RNA editing; Method-Immunotherapy/vaccination)
National Medical School Review (1996) Medical Parasitology
National Changhwa University, Taiwan (2011) GUEST LECTURER of Biotechnology Graduate School (Biological/Biomedical Research lectures) 12/17/11-01/04/12
Jinan Medical University, Guanzhou, PRC (2012) GUEST LECTURER School of Medicine (Med. Parasitology/Graduate School Seminars) 03/03-29/12
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (2012) GUEST LECTURER Schools of Natural Science/Medicine (Short-course-Special Topics/Res. seminars) 09/23-10/09/12

University Committee Services:

(University of Health Sciences=RFUMS/Chicago Medical School, 1983-present):

Radiation Safety (1986-2007) Histopathology Facility (Ad hoc, 1986)
Electron microscopy (1990) Bio-analytical Methods (Ad hoc, 1986)
Animal Resources (1989-1999) Patent (Ad hoc, 1983)
Faculty Award (1992-present) Faculty Affairs (1988)
Biohazard (2000-present) Pharmacology Chair Search (1997)
Grad Sch Appointment (Chair) (2013-)
Miscellaneous departmental Committ.
University Senate (1986-1987)


  1. PRESIDENT’S PRIZE for the best paper, Ann. Meet. Ent. Soc. Ontario, Canada, 1968
  3. MORRIS E. PARKER AWARD for Meritorious Scientific Research, University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School, 1985
  4. SEYMOUR HUTNER AWARD, Society of Protozoologists, 1987
  5. CERTIFIED PROFESSORSHIP - Ministry of Education, Taiwan, Rep. of China, 1989-
  6. NIH IntERNATIONAL Travel Fellowship - India-USA Science Exchange Program, Feb. 1992
  7. HONORARY PROFESSOR - Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Beijing, 1996
  8. VEL NAIR FELLOWSHIP – Rosalind Franklin University School of Graduate/Postgraduate Studies, 2005
  9. VISITING PROFESSOR – Taipei Medical University, Taipei, 2013-18

Memberships In Academic Societies:

American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1977-2007
American Society of Microbiology 1976-1995; 2006-Present
American Society of Parasitologists 1975-Present
American Society for Cell Biology 1977-1993
American Federation of Tissue Culture Association 1979-1983
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1988-1990
Society of Protozoologists 1976-Present
Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America 1986-present (Permanent member)
Sigma Xi 1975-1977
New York Academy of Sciences 1975-1977
Parasitolgia Zoologica Academia Sinica 1987-Present

Professional Services - Editor Or Reviewer:
Member Of Editorial Board:

International Journal Endocytob. Cell Res. 1984-1999
Experimental Parasitology 1987-2001
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 1988-2004
Memoir Fund. Oswaldo Cruz (Adv. Board) 1994-
Journal of Parasitic Diseases 1996-
Current Drug Targets-Infectious Disorder 2001-2003
Parasitology International 2001-
Clinical Medicine: Pathology 2007-
Journal of Parasitological Research 2010- (Asso. editor “Immunity to protozoan parasites”)
Journal Immunology/Immunotherapy 2014- (In progress)

Periodical Journal Reviewer:

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy International Endocytobiosis and Cell Research
Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics Journal of Biological Chemistry
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Journal of Crude Drug Research
Biochemical Medicine and Metabolic Biology Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
Biochemical Pharmacology Journal of Immunology
Biology of the Cell Journal of Infectious Disease
BMC Veterinary Research Infection and Immunity
Canadian Journal of Microbiology Journal of Parasitology
Cell Molecular Biology Report Journal of Virology
Chemistry and Biology Life Sciences
Clinical Infectious Diseases Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology PLoS Neglected Tropical Disease
CRC Press Molecular Pharmaceutics
Eukaryotic Cells Nucleic Acids Research
European Journal of Biochemistry Parasitology
European Journal of Cell Biology Parasitology International
Experimental Biology and Medicine Parasitology Research
Experimental Cell Research Proceeding National Academy of Sciences USA
Experimental Parasitology Science
FEMS Trends in Biochemical Sciences Trends in Parasitology
Gene Z. Parasitunkende Int Journal of Parasitology


Kwang Poo Chang



  • : 847-578-8837
  • : 847-578-3349

  • DEPARTMENTDepartment of Microbiology / Immunology Chicago Medical School / RFUMS