Professional Activities

Current Position:

Full Professor, 2009
Co-Chair, Community of Practice, Lung         
University of Ottawa, Depts of Thoracic Surgery  & Epidemiology and Community Medicine
Division of Thoracic Surgery, Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, Ottawa, Canada

Teaching Postgraduate

1998 Dr. FG Pearson, Toronto, Ont: Hiatus Hernia Repair & Tracheal Resection
1999 Dr. P Bedard, Sherbrooke, Que: PET Scanning
2000 Dr. Alan Casson, Halifax, Ont:  P-53 and Barrett’s Esophagus
2001 Dr. Gail Darling, Toronto, Ont:  Lung Cancer
2002 Dr. Michael Johnston, Toronto, Ont: Pancoast Tumour
2003 Dr. Richard Finley, Vancouver, BC: FNA in Lung Cancer
2004 Dr. Richard Inculet, London, Ont: Empyema
2005 Dr. Gilles Beauchamp, Montreal, Que : Reflux Disease
2006 Dr. FG Pearson, Toronto, Ont: Tracheal Resection
2007 Dr. Tom D’Amico, Durham, North Carolina: MIS Lung Surgery
2009 Dr. Mike Humer, Kelowna, BC: EBUS in Staging Lung Cancer
2012 Dr. D. Bethune, Halifax, NS: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
2014 Dr. J Delauriers, Quebec City, Que: The history of Norman Bethune
  1. Interactive seminars organized for Thoracic and Cardiac residents for Thoracic Surgery, 1.5 hrs/month to prepare,1997-present. A 2-year curriculum covering thoracic surgery and monthly one-hour sessions by invited guests to present specific topics related to thoracic surgery. In addition, international speakers are invited yearly to increase the exposure of the residents to the varied practices:
  2. Supervised papers written by Thoracic trainees, helping with research, analysis & writing, 1997- present. 6hrs/month
  3. Supervised Clinical Research for Thoracic Surgery Residents for annual Collin’s Day, 1 hour/week. Three have won awards with research topics for presentations at the Annual Surgical Research Day (Collin’s Day)  10 hrs/year.
  4. Didactic teaching to Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery residents on lung transplant, esophageal manometry, thymoma, chest trauma, esophageal cancer.1997-present. 4 hrs/year.
  5. Didactic teaching to medical and radiation oncology residents. 2-hour lecture October 1999, February 2004, February 2006, Nov 2011, Nov 2013
  6. Didactic teaching to Respirology residents: 2 hour lecture, Lung Cancer. 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012,
  7. Didactic teaching to Radiology residents and fellows: 2 hour lecture, Complications of Lung Cancer and EBUS, 2011
  8. Didactic teaching to PGY1 & 2 in General Surgery, Principles of Surgery Lectures on Statistics. 1997 to present, 2 hrs/year.
  9. Didactic teaching to General Surgery Residents on esophageal cancer, esophageal manometry. 1997 to present, 3 hrs/year.
  10. Organized Lunch & Learn sessions for Thoracic Nursing Education, 6 hrs/year. 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
  11. Skills Lab for PGY1s Core Program Curriculum,  Chest Tube Insertion, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009.
  12. Skills Lab for MIS for  PGY2-5s In General Surgery and Thoracic Residents: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  13. As Program Director since 2004, organized quarterly written and oral exams for the fellows and residents, with feedback on their progress, strengths and weaknesses.  Also organized a day for CANMEds so all objectives met as per the RCPSC. (See appendix) In conjunction with other surgical specialties, set up animal labs for the residents education in MIS surgery.
  14. As Chair of the Thoracic Specialty at the RCPSC have made the objectives for the Thoracic Surgery residency standardized for Canada and implemented their use in the programs across Canada as a National Curriculum, 2013
  15. 15. External reviewer of the Thoracic Residency program for RCPSC
    2010 University of Montreal
    2014 McMaster University
  16. Thesis reviewer for the Dept of Epidemiology and Community Medicine, 2009, 2011(2), 2012 (1), 2013 (1)
  17. 2006-2009: Ms. Valerie Trait: MSc Supervised Masters Thesis, Department of Epidemiology & Community Medicine.
  18. 1999-2001: Mr. Minh Do, MSc, Supervised Masters of Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine.  Supervised and organized research project looking at iron intake in patients with Esophageal Cancer, Multicentre trial in Ontario.
  19. 2012-2014: Ms Jelena Ivanovic, MSc, committee member for comprehensive exam and phD defense

B. Undergraduate

    1. Seminar teaching to Medical Students III & IV years on lung cancer, dysphagia, chest trauma 3 one hour sessions/8 week block: 1998 to present
    2. Medical Students GI block : Esophageal Cancer, One hour lecture/year; 2000-present.





Professor of Thoracic Surgery
University of Ottawa