Professional Activ ities


2013-present Sur gical Oncolo gis t – A ss istant Profe ssor of Sur ge ry – Cl inic ia n I nv est iga tor ( Cancer The ra peutic Pro gram)
Speciali ze d in Brea s t Can ce r, M el ano ma and S oft Tiss ue Sa rc oma
The Ot ta wa H ospita l, Uni ve rsit y of Otta wa, Otta wa Hospi tal Rese arch Inst itut e ( OH RI) Ott awa, ON, Can ada
2012 Cl inical As soc iate and L ocum Te ne ns in G eneral Su rge r y
Surgi cal On co lo gy D ivisi on wit h Ca ro l S wal lo w an d R ebec ca Gla ddy Mount Sinai H ospit a l, Uni ve rsit y of Toro nto, To ront o, ON, Canada
2009-2012 General Surgeon – Locum Tenens
  • Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • River Valley Health Regional Hospital, Fredericton, NB, Canada
  • Sept-Îles Regional Hospital, Sept-Îles, QC, Canada
1998-2000 Occupatio nal Th er apist – Ped iatr ics
Aut ism, de ve lop me ntal de la y, c ocai ne babies
The ra care Ne w Yo rk, B ronx, Harle m, W estc heste r, NY C, NY, USA
1995-1997 Camp Specialist and Counselor
Physically disabled and hearing impaired children Specialist in Drama, Woodshop, Arts and Crafts Camp Massawippi, Ayer’s Cliff, QC, Canada

Medical Education And Teaching

2013-2015 Head of CaRMS (Canadian Residency Matching System) Committee
2014 Surgical Exploration and Discovery Program (SEAD) – General Surgery Lead
2014-2015 General Surgery Research Day Moderator and Judge
2014 Collins Day, Department of Surgery Research Day – Abstract Selection Committee
2014 Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology Abstract Selection Committee
Thesis Co-Supervisor for MSc student, Alyson Crawford MD
Thesis Co-Supervisor for PhD student, Brian Keller MD candidate
2010 Guest lecturer for an M.Sc. level oncology class in the Molecular Biology Program, on Hormone Therapy in breast cancer (course number: BIM6064D)
Université de Montréal
2005-2010 Guest lecturer for a CEGEP level oncology class on the surgical management of breast, colon, rectal, lung and prostate cancer (course number: 411-AEK-04) College Ahuntsic
2005-2008 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Member of Credentials Committee
  • Member of Education Committee
  • Member of Accreditation Committee
  • Member of Regional Consultative Committee
Post-graduate Medical Faculty of the University of Montreal
  • Accreditation Committee – internal visits of academic programs
  • Education Committee
2006-2007 College of Physicians of Quebec
  • Member of Accreditation and Education Committee
Federation of Medical Residents of Quebec
  • President of Academic Affairs – Specialties
  • Academic Affairs Executive Committee
  • General Council
2004-2008 Medical Residents Association of the University of Montreal
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs – Specialties
  • Executive Committee
2010-2014 Courses to Medical Students
  • GI module for surgery
  • Back to Basics Session – covering topics of General surgery
  • General Surgery Quiz
  • Suturing skills lab to medical students
  • Skills lab – Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, bowel anastomosis and abdominal wall closure, lap box trainer (Teacher and organizer of session)
  • Led Problem based learning session – Diverticulitis
  • Breast Evaluation and Diagnosis as well as clinial exam - Lecture and practical session with moc patient
  • Breast diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Examiner for General Surgery OSCE
Courses to Residents
  • Benign breast disease
  • The surgical management of Breast Cancer
  • GI physiology, anatomy and ostomies
1995-1996 Gross Anatomy Teacher’s Assistant, McGill University.
Teacher’s Assistant, Gross Anatomy class involving cadaver dissection and preparing and grading mock exams



Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Ottawa