Professional Activities


North West Regional Urology SpR Teaching Programme 1997 to present
Surgical Skills Course Faculty Member 2003 to 2007
Certified Urodynamics Course Faculty Member 2003 to 2010
Manchester MRCS Viva Course Faculty Member 2003 to 2011
FRCS (Urol) Revision Course Faculty Member 2007 to 2010
BAUS Introduction to Urology Course Faculty Member 2007 to present
Erectile Dysfunction Education Day Chairman 2009
Basic Clinical Skills in Urology (Cadaver Course) 2012 to present

Associate Hospital Dean (Surgery) Achievements

  • Teaching delivery > 90% for first time, (93% in 2010 –2011)
  • Increased numbers of consultant tutors (5th year)
  • Recruitment for Consultant “Taster”sessions
  • Delivery of additional 5th year teaching sessions
  • Recruitment of PBL tutors
  • Recruitment of Group tutors
  • Recruitment of Communication skills tutors
  • Recruitment of Year 5 Clinical Tutors
  • Expansion to 5 Clinical Firms in Surgery
  • Development of 5th year Assistantships

Current Positions of Responsibility

OSCE Examiner 2003 to present
Special Study Component Tutor 2004 to present
Project Option Tutor 2004 to present
Portfolio Mentor 2008 to present
Communications Tutor 2008 to present
Project Option Committee Member 2009 to present
5th Year Clinical Supervisor 2009 to present
5th Year Assistantship Supervisor 2010 to present
Clinical Supervisor 2012 to present
BAUS National Lead for Undergraduate Education 2011 to present
BAUS Student Essay Competition Co-ordinator 2012 to present

Editorial Experience


Editor in Chief : Journal of Clinical Urology               2012 to present

  • Formerly BJMSU (renamed 2013)
  • Issues per year : 6
  • Change of publishers from Elsevier to SAGE
  • Journal redesign
  • Endourology Meeting Abstracts
  • ISU Abstracts
  • ISSM Abstracts
  • CME articles
  • Trials update
  • CME on line platform
  • SoMe



Consultant Urological Surgeon
University of Manchester