Pierre Boulanger


  1. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (1994), University of Montr´eal (E´ cole Polytechnique), Canada, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, advisor Prof. P. Cohen. Dissertation: Multiscale Extraction of Geometric Elements
  2. M.Sc. in Physics (1982), Laval University, Qu´ebec City, Canada, Department of Physics, advisor Prof. M. Baril.
    Dissertation: Design of A New Multi-passage Mass Spectrometer
  3. B.Sc.   in  Engineering  Physics (1980),  Laval University,  Qu´ebec City,  Canada,  Depart- ment of Engineering Physics.
    Final  Year  Project:  Design  and  Construction  of  a  Multi-Channel  Analyzer  for  an  Electron


Three-Dimensional Computer Vision, Distributed Virtual Environments, Tele-Immersion, CAD Systems, Non-linear Systems, Physical Simulation, Geometrical Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Medical Imaging, Multimedia Systems, and Virtual Reality


Pierre Boulanger



  • : (780) 492-3031

  • DEPARTMENT Department of Computing Science
    University of Alberta
  • COUNTRYCanada