Research Interest

Focus is on the area of Neuropharmacology with interests in all aspects of research from studies in the central nervous system to peripheral autonomic pharmacology. Specific areas include, but not limited to, neurochemistry, neurotransmission, neurotoxicity of drugs, neural receptor pharmacology, signal transduction in neural tissue, mechanisms of nervous system disorders, treatment of nervous system disorders, the pharmacology of drugs acting on the central nervous system (anaesthetics, analgesics, antipsychotic drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, drugs for migraine, drugs for degenerative disorders), the pharmacology of drugs acting on the peripheral nervous system (sympathomimetics, antihypertensive drugs, cholinergic agents, nitric oxide synthase inhibitors), alcohol and drug addiction, drugs of abuse and behavioral pharmacology.

My current and future research interest focuses on the identification, characterization and validation of novel drug targets for the treatment of the major acute and chronic CNS pathologies, with particular interest in epilepsy, Parkinson’s, lzheimer's research, neuropharmacology, receptor pharmacology, signal transduction, drug addiction. I’m highly motivated in research with strong background in neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, I have practical experience in binding assays, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, cell biology, and cell culture.

Sawsan Abuhamdah

Associate Professor


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  • DEPARTMENT Department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
    University of Jordan
  • COUNTRYJordan