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About the Journal

The International Journal of Vaccines and Immunization (ISSN 2470-9948) is an effort by SCI FORSCHEN to offer the research community involved in the field of Vaccines and Immunization to have unrestricted access to all the latest research being conducted in this vast and very important field. Vaccines and Immunization as a field of research has been the centre of an intense debate for many years now. They have helped save countless lives and are the reason some of the most deadly diseases in the world have been completely eradicated. There have also been many misconceptions regarding the efficiency of vaccines, and whether they have any harmful effects. There are several aspects to this research, and thousands of researchers are exploring every possible avenue in the hope of helping the world get rid of even more diseases. SCI FORSCHEN has brought together leading experts in this field that are closely associated with world renowned academic institutions and research organizations, and these esteemed professionals help SCI FORSCHEN manage a world call open access platform that add value to the research work in the field of Vaccines and Immunization and allows for faster and easier dissemination of cutting edge data in the field.