Dr. Zhiwei Hu is an associate professor of The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the James Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Hu’s research interest and expertise includes tumor immunology, tumor angiogenesis, immunotherapy, adenovirus-based gene therapy and photodynamic therapy. Dr. Hu is one of first scientists who proposed to target both the tumor cells and tumor neovasculature for development of more effective treatment for cancer. Subsequently he co-inventedICON immunoconjugatesand factor VII-conjugated photosensitizers for neovascular-targeting immunotherapy and photodynamic therapyfor thetreatment of cancer, aged-related macular degeneration (AMD) and/or endometriosis in preclinical and early phase clinical trials.Dr. Hu's research interests focus on developing and translating novel therapeutics by dual targeting of tumor cells and tumor neovasculaturefor the treatment of cancer.



Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology
The Ohio State University