Research Interest

Research interest is in atomistic and multi-scale computational aspects of materials science, with emphasis on the mechanical and thermal properties at the nano-scale. The prevalent theoretical methods developed and employed in our group are classical and tight-binding molecular dynamics, and the distinct element method. We use these methods for various purposes, including (i) to investigate the thermal properties of nano-system (to study for example the heat flux within a material in order to evaluate its heat conductivity coefficient [1]) (ii) to describe the fundamental mechanical deformations of nano-materials (to explore mechanical response of carbon nanotubes and their assemblies, like nano-films and nano-ropes [2]) and (iii) to determine an optimal equilibrium nano-structure (i.e., to locate a minima on the multidimensional potential-energy hypersurface [3]). In our group, we published over fifty refereed papers in top journals, like Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Small, and ACS Nano.

Traian Dumitrica

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Phone: 612-625-3797