Research Interest

  • Nanomechanical characterization of nanocomposites for bioapplications (prosthetics, tissues engineering) and nanostructures:
  • Development of proper experimental protocol for the measurement of nanomechanical properties of soft materials and mathematical models (viscoelastic/ time-dependent behavior).
  • Investigation of the interactions between the indenter tip and soft matter (electrostatic forces, hydrofilicity-hydrophobicity).
  • Effect of physical and artificial weathering on the nanomechanical properties of polymers.
  • Nanomedicine: Synthesis of nanostructures & nanocontainers and investigation of their properties for bioengineering and medical applications. Nanomedicine in cancer modeling and tissue engineering
  • Nanometrology for Nanoparticle Characterisation and Nanobiotechnology, Thin Film Metrology.


Charitidis Constantinos

Professor & Director
Department of Material Science and Engineering 
National Technical University of Athens 
Zographos, Athens, Greece
Phone: +302107724046