Ahmed A. Busnaina, Ph.D. is the William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor, University Distinguished Professor, and founding Director of National Science Foundation’s Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC) for High-rate Nanomanufacturing and the NSF Center for Nano and Microcontamination Control at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Prior to joining Northeastern University in 2000, he was a professor and a director of the Microcontamination Control Lab at Clarkson University from 1983-2000. Dr. Busnaina is internationally recognized for his work on nano and micro scale defects mitigation and removal in semiconductor fabrication. He specializes in directed assembly of nanoelements and in the nanomanufacturing of micro and nanoscale devices. He developed many techniques for directed assembly and nanomaterials based manufacturing of nanoscale structures for energy, electronics, biomedical and materials applications. His research support exceeds $47 million. He authored more than 600 papers in journals, proceedings and conferences. Organized and chaired more than 175 conferences, workshops, sessions and panels for many professional societies.He is an associate editor of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research. He also serves on many advisory boards including Samsung Electronics; Chemical Industry Nanomaterials Roadmap, International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, Journal of Particulate Science and Technology, Journal of Environmental Sciences, Semiconductor International, Journal of Advanced Applications in Contamination Control. He is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Adhesion Society, a Fulbright Senior Scholar and listed inWho's Who in the World, in America, in science and engineering, etc.). He was awarded the 2006 Nanotech Briefs National Nano50 Award, Innovator category, the 2006 Outstanding Faculty, SØrenBuus Outstanding Research Award, Northeastern University 2006, the 2005 Aspiration Award, Northeastern University.


Ahmed A Busnaina

Professor and Director
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: (617) 373-2992