Research Interest

Genetics of Atherosclerosis
My research interest is in identifying genes and pathways contributing to atherosclerosis and associated disorders.  Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of heart attack and stroke, which account for approximately 40% of all deaths and are the leading cause of disability in the US. One common treatment to atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases is angioplasty, expanding the internal lumen of a narrowed artery with a balloon.  However, a fraction of patients receiving the treatment develop restenosis, a significant reduction of the luminal size due to loss of gain after the procedure.  Neointimal hyperplasia is the primary reason for in-stent restenosis.My group has discovered dozensof genetic loci for atherosclerosis and related traits, such asNih1, Ath29, Ath41, Ath42, Cath1, Bglu3, sVcam1, and sSelp1.We are searching causal genes behind these loci. 


Weibin Shi

Associate Professor

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