To understand the fundamental mechanism of disease process, particularly chronic diseasesis always a challenge, but it is critical to be able to interfere with the disease process, halt progression and hopefully achieveacure. My long term experience and expertise have been in translational research focusing on inflammatory bowel disease and more recently in GIcancer biology and the development of novel biomarkers for early detection of several precancerous conditions of the GItractsuchas Barrett’s epithelium, gastric intestinal meta plasia, and colon cancer. Recently, Iledour team to develop a novel in-vitro model for transformation of benign Barrett’s epithelium to neoplasia. For along time, I have always worked in partnership with basic scientists, immuno-pathologists, surgeons, and cancer biologists. I strongly believe that multi disciplinary approach is critical for better understanding of the complex problems and influence a better outcome. Over the last 20 plus years I successfully completed several R0-1 grants, including the latest one on “Esophageal Metaplasia”.


Kiron Moy Das



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