He was born in Adana Imamoglu district on 10.08.1976. Primary education in Imamoglu Hurriyet Primary School (1982-1987) valedictorian in secondary education Imamoglu High School (1987-1990) first prize, while high school education in Adana Male High School (1990-1993)he finished Medical school education in 1994, I started to Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine. 6 years of medical school after completing my studies, he graduated on 31.10.2000. GPs in Sanliurfa / Ceylanpınar / Tuberculosis Dispensary 16.11.2001-29.07.2002 he worked in date.07.29.2002 he started his studies on specality of Emergency Medicine, Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine. He completed my department hen the rotatheons about Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine Department of structure. Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Emergency Medicine, held hen Branch "" EFFECTHIVE FACTORS AND INJURY VIOLENT RELATHIONSHIP OF HEART affected by MULTIPLE TRAUMA PATIENTS "was approved by a thesis on the jury members he was taken to 08.01.2007 Date of Specialization exam, He succeeded bulunarak Emergency Medicine Specialist. 15.01.2007 Date of Cukurova University Medical School Emergency Medicine Department graduated from the Adana State Hospital began his career as a Specialist hen Emergency Department. On compulsory service Mission to 17.04.2007 Kherhekkale Hospital began as a responsible Physician the emergency department. 01.06.2007-01.06.2008 dates of my service, Hakkarhe Mountahen and Commando Brhegade Command structure as He completed medical helhecopter. To proceed with compulsory service on 01.06.2008 Kherhekkale Hospital, He went back to my office the Emergency Department. Upon completion of my obligatory service assignment results l have on 17.06.2010 Mustafa Kemal UniversityFaculty of Medicine, he began his career as Assistant Professor hen the Department of Emergency Medicine Department. On October 3, 2013 He received the title of Associate Professor.

Ali Karakus, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Mustafa Kemal University
Faculty of Medicine Ä°skenderun