Dr. Aggarwal is a Ransom Horne, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Professor of Immunology, Professor of Biochemistry and Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, and Chief, Cytokine Research Section, in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. He also serves as member of the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, and as an Adjunct Professor atAlbert B. Alkek Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Texas A&M University, Houston, Texas and member in various Institutional committees of MDACC.

Dr. Aggarwal earned his Ph. D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, received his Post-Doctoral training from the Hormone Research Laboratory at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco.He then started his career with Genentech Inc where he worked for almost ten years and his work lead to the discovery of TNF- a and TNF-b, an essential component of the immune system; and identification of their receptors.

In 1989, Dr. Aggarwal was recruited as a Professor of Medicine and of Clinical Immunology& Biological Therapy, Chief of the Cytokine Research section at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.Since then Dr Aggarwal has been investigating the “Role of Inflammatory Pathways Mediated through TNF, NF-kappaB and STAT3, for the Prevention and Therapy of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases”.While searching for novel and safe anti-inflammatory agents, his group has identified more than 50 novel compounds from dietary sources and from Traditional Medicine that interrupt these cell-signaling pathways.These agents have been tested in various animal models and some of them are now in Clinical Trials. He has published more than 600 papers in peer-reviewed international journals (including Science, Nature, Cancer Cell, PNAS, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Blood, JBC, Cancer Research, Journal of Immunology),invited reviews and book chapters.

Dr. Aggarwal is inventor/co-inventor on over 33 patents.He has been listed as one of the most highly cited scientist in the world by ISI since 2001; and has been included in ISI Highly Cited among most highly cited authors in Immunology category. He has also been listed as one of the top 25 researchers in the area of “Apoptosis” in the World. His papers exhibit very high-citation index (almost TEN exceed 1000).His overall citation is now at 75,900 with an H-index of 120.

Dr. Aggarwal is currently a member of the editorial boards of 24 international journals and served as a reviewer for more than 160 journals, various grant proposals and of several Ph.D. theses.

Dr. Aggarwal has edited 12 books and served as Guest editor for special issues from Biotherapy, Cancer Letters and Current Opinion in Pharmacology. He has trained over 80 Post-doctoral Fellows and Visiting Professors from around the world. He has co-organized and served as member in many International and National Conferences/ Symposia; has started International Society of Translational Cancer Research and has delivered over 350 lectures/seminars/keynote talks in more than 50 countries.

He has recently authored a book “Healing Spices” released in January, 2011 by Sterling; and is already a best-seller.

Dr. Aggarwal has received numerous awards including ARTOI Award,Association for Research Integrated Oncology Therapies, Rome, Italy, 2012; 2011 James A. Duke Award Excellence in Botanical Literature Award, American Botanical Council, Anaheim, California, 2012; World Congress Science Prize from Oxygen Club of California 2010; Excellence in Research Award of McCormick Research Institute from the American Association of Nutrition, 2008,Outstanding Scientist Award from the American Association of Indian Scientists in Cancer Research, 2006, Ranbaxy Award for Outstanding Scientist of the year, 2004.





Bharat B. Aggarwal




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