Research Interest

My primary research interests are focus on understanding the basic features of the molecular biology of infectious diseases with special attention on those regarding to parasitic pathogens belonging to the Kinetoplastid genus. During the life cycle of a pathogen, developmental transitions that shape their size and morphology, need to be done in a very fast way via the expression of thousand of genes in a very coordinated manner.  Kinetoplastids are singular and stunning with regard to the expression and regulation of their genes, being this expression mostly controlled by epigenetic and post-trascriptional processes.  The goal of my current research is to understand how the mRNA is modulated by those kinetoplastid pathogens, by using High-throughput sequencing and novel biochemical approaches, which likewise, could be applied to other diseases.

Dr.Luis Miguel de Pablos Torro

Research Associate


  • DEPARTMENTCentre forImmunology and Infection(CII). Department of Biology
    University of York