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It is our goal to be the platform of choice for the international community of research scholars to share their work. We promote ethically produced publications across multiple specialties and ensure the highest possible accuracy and authenticity in the articles we publish. We do this by using double-blinded peer review for every manuscript and editors and reviewers who hold faculty and editorial posts and are actively publishing themselves.

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Atrial Fibrillation Initiated by Early Afterdepolarization-Mediated Triggered Activity during Acute Oxidative Stress: Efficacy of Late Sodium Current Blockade.

Authors: Pezhouman A, Cao H, Fishbein MC, Belardinelli L, Weiss JN, Karagueuzian HS    |   J Heart Health

Periodontal Biology: Stem Cells, Bmp2 Gene, Transcriptional Enhancers, and Use of Sclerostin Antibody and Pth for Treatment of Periodontal Disease and Bone Loss.

Authors: Harris SE, Rediske M, Neitzke R, Rakian A.    |   Cell Stem Cells Regen Med

Molecular Docking: From Lock and Key to Combination Lock

Authors: Ashutosh Tripathi,* and Vytas A Bankaitis    |   J Mol Med Clin Appl

Effects of Multiple Freeze/Thaw Cycles on Measurements of Potential Novel Biomarkers Associated With Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Authors: Sandra L Rebholz, John T Melchior, Jeffrey A Welge, Alan T Remaley, W Sean Davidson, and Laura A Woollett*    |   J Clin Lab Med

Asymmetric Dimethylarginine does not Predict Early Access Events in Hemodialysis Patients with Brachiocephalic Fistula Access

Authors: Mary Hammes, Rita McGill, Promila Dhar, and Rama S Madhurapantula    |   Int J Nephrol Kidney Fail

Reliability of a 3D Body Scanner for Anthropometric Measurements of Central Obesity

Authors: Medina-Inojosa J, Somers VK, Ngwa T, Hinshaw L, Lopez-Jimenez F    |   Obes Open Access

Hematopoietic Stem Cell-derived Adipocytes Promote Tumor Growth and Cancer Cell Migration

Authors: Y Xiong, DL Russell, LT McDonald, LA Cowart, and AC LaRue    |   Int J Cancer Res Mol Mech

Intracellular Photodynamic Activity of Chlorin e6 Containing Nanoparticles

Authors: Thomas Hopkins, Rahil Ukani, and Raoul Kopelman    |   Int J Nanomed Nanosurg

Androgen Receptor as a Potential Target for Treatment of Breast Cancer

Authors: Y Wu and JV Vadgama    |   Int J Cancer Res Mol Mech

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Strategic Shift to a Diagnostic Model of Care in a Multi-Site Group Dental Practice

Authors: Kalenderian E, Maramaldi P, Kim S, Etolue J, McClellan L, Simmons K, Yansane A, White JM, Walji MF, Ramoni RB    |  International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health ( ISSN 2378-7090 )

Spontaneous Body Temperature Fluctuations in Neurological Patientsy

Authors: Bonnie Wang, Martina L Mustroph, Huan Wang    |  Journal of Neurology and Neurobiology ( ISSN 2379-7150 )

Screening of FLT3 Gene Mutations ((FLT3-ITD) and D835) in Turkish Childhood Acute Leukemia Patients

Authors: Dilara Fatma Akin, Mine Mumcuoglu, Deniz Aslar Oner, Mehmet Ozturk, Ustun Ezer, A Emin Kurekci, Nejat Akar    |  International Journal of Molecular Biology and Medicine

Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease and Serum Levels of Vitamin D in Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT)

Authors: Andrea Z Pereira, Elivane da Silva Victor, Juliana Bernardo da Silva Barban, Andreza Alice Feitosa Ribeiro, Julio S Marchini, Nelson Hamerschlak    |  Journal of Surgery: Open Access ( ISSN 2470-0991 )

Outcomes and Surgical Complications in Kidney Transplantation

Authors:   Francisco Reyna-Sepulveda, Aurora Ponce-Escobedo, Asdruval GuevaraCharles, Miguel Escobedo-Villarreal, Edelmiro Perez-Rodriguez, Gerardo Munoz-Maldonado, Marco Hernandez-Guedea   |  Transplantation Research Journal ( ISSN 2473-1730 )

Vector Delivery-Dependant Effect of Human Tissue Plasminogen Activator Signal Peptide on Vaccine Induction of T Cells

Authors:   Beatrice Ondondo, Sultan Abdul-Jawad, Yaowaluck Roshorm, Anne Bridgeman, Tomas Hanke   |  Journal of HIV and AIDS ( ISSN 2380-5536 )

The Enterra Device and the Future of Gastric Electrical Pacing

Authors:   Rupal Patel, Prasad Kulkarni   |  Journal of Gastric Disorders and Therapy ( ISSN 2381-8689 )

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