Article Processing Charges

Sci Forschen offer researchers and academicians an easier way to gain access to high quality research material, and information on the latest cutting edge developments happening all over the world. We host 51 open access journals for various fields and invite researchers and scholars to have their work published by Sci Forschen.

All articles in our journal are published on a bimonthly basis, and we extensively review all articles before publishing them to ensure that all our journals contain only high quality content, and offer only the most accurate information to the global community of researchers.

Sci Forschen takes the copyright of all the content published by our journals very seriously. As an open access publisher, we make quality research papers, thesis, and review articles available to the world, that too for no price. The ownership over a content that you have created is the biggest reward for having successfully published an article of your own.

Our community works extensively to ensure that authors continue to hold complete ownership over the papers that they write, and we help make sure that every time a paper is used for some derivative work, or in another research, the original author is cited, and given due credits for his hard work and efforts. To help authors create a foolproof way of establishing their ownership, Sci Forschen uses the open source Creative Commons Attribution License.

You can submit a manuscript for inclusion in our journals either directly through the submit option that will appear to all users that have logged in using their personal or organization’s ID. Alternatively, you can also send an email to the editorial team of the journal for which you wish to make the submission, while including the manuscript file in pdf/doc format as an attachment to the email.

Upon the receipt of the manuscript, a unique manuscript number shall be generated by Sci Forschen. This number will be communicated to the author within 72 hours of the receipt of the manuscript.

In order to provide all authors that submit their paper to Sci Forschen with the maximum possible exposure, we post all published articles to popular repositories like PubMed Central.

Publishing Fee and processing charges to be paid by the author

Sci Forschen is an open access publishing platform that offers a global platform to authors that wish to have their work published. Our services are self financed, and as such, we do not receive any form of financial support from any organization.

To cover the day to day operating costs of the journals, Sci Forschen levies a processing Charges on the authors that wish to have their papers published by the open access journal. Once an article has been published in one of our journals, Sci Forschen ensures that it is always online, and can be accessed by anyone without facing any form of restrictions.

To know more about the APC Details, please refer to the journal’s page